Rockport Customs Property

There seems to be one thing on our minds these days and that is making a dream of many come true. That the Historical Waterfront Property, the Rockport Customs Property, become owned by our township. This has been a dream since 2009 when Rockport Development Group approach our MP Gord Brown, our Senator Bob Runciman, MPP Steve Clark and then Mayor Frank Kinsella with our idea. All our politicians have been working for this day to come and we all were hoping the offer would be for a nominal fee.

We heard the days were gone when property was offered for a dollar, until we heard recently that the Marine Museum was offered to Kingston for $1. It is all taxpayer money and if a municipality is willing to take on ownership for the people and the people are willing to fund raise to restore this historic waterfront site it seems to us like a win win for all to agree to a nominal fee for ownership tranfers.



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A core team working on making the dream true in a year of action for the township has been busy connecting with everyone in the equation to make it happen. If you want this to happen please sign the petition and come to a public meeting at the Rockport Rec Hall on Feb 25rd at 7pm. you can sign the online petition at

You can sign the paper copy at the meeting if that is your preference.

We want to see you on the 25th.