Things To Do

Things To Do

Welcome to Rockport, heart of the 1000 Islands.  You have picked an ideal location to spend your leisure time.  There is a lot to do for the water enthusiast and the land lovers. When you arrive be sure to stop off at our information boards and check out the map and special offerings. (see map under directions)

If you are a water person and being on the water is your goal then Rockport area is a piece of paradise just waiting for you. Spend your day winding your way through some of the most picturesque scenery in the world.  If you are bringing your own boat there is a boat launch in the village and parking near by.  If you are travelling by car and don’t have a boat, fear not, the Rockport Boat Line runs regular boat tours throughout the day all season and special evening sunset dinner cruises. If you are looking for something more private or personal there are captains with their own small crafts that offer boat tours from a couple hours to a full day tour throughout the island customized for your party.

If you are looking for walking trails there are 4 loops marked out in and around the village for your pleasure.  You will find interpretive signage at key locations along the loops and walking tour brochures in any of the local businesses. If you are looking for a unique hiking experience you may want to visit one of the national parks on the islands. Water taxi services are available at the local marinas to get people to the park islands and arrange for pick up later so you could spend a day.  You might decide that camping at one of these parks is your pleasure and the taxi services are happy to provide drop off and pick up.

For those who prefer to stay on land but enjoy the views of the river there are several restaurants, resorts, and patio bars that provide breakfast lunch and dinner services with amazing views of the river, the islands and all the water activities.  There are also ice-cream shops, coffee shops and take-out services in the village and many benches and picnic tables placed around the village to facilitate great views of the scenery.

For the divers there are two dive charter services each with multiple boats, an air fill station, a dive shop and all in close proximity to several quality dive sites.
The 1000 Island region has long been renowned for it’s fishing and fishing lodges and fish guides have been a tradition on the river for 200 years.  The guides’ today boast of large fish just as they have done for generations.  There are fishing supplies, licences, guides, and piers awaiting your visit.  Many guides are pleased to support the catch and release programs as a means of ensuring this great tradition continues for the future generations.

There are small boutique shops, artist studios, convenience stores, marine supply stores, fishing and hunting supply stores, and an LCBO (wine, beer and spirits) outlet all in close proximity to everything else.

If you are planning to stay for a few days be sure to check out Stay and Dine on our website as there are lots of options.
Of course if you are looking to kick back, relax, take in the sun and do nothing or read a book then that is possible as well.  The community and businesses invite you to use the many benches located around the village and take time out to do nothing but soak up the sun and the view.
Rockport invites you to visit our village and surrounding area and we are confident you will enjoy your time.  Come and discover this well kept secret jewel of the St. Lawrence River.  Check out our map and business directory to see the full extent of things to do and see in Rockport.

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